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Issacs cure weinzinger gaa102

Mo Y, et al. Mol Cancer. 2021 Aug 31;20(1):112. doi: 10.1186/s12943-021-01409-4. Mol Cancer. 2021. PMID: 34465340.

Identification of a Kupffer cell subset capable of reverting the T cell dysfunction induced by hepatocellular priming.
De Simone G, Andreata F, Bleriot C, Fumagalli V, Laura C, Garcia-Manteiga JM, Di Lucia P, Gilotto S, Ficht X, De Ponti FF, Bono EB, Giustini L, Ambrosi G, Mainetti M, Zordan P, Bénéchet AP, Ravà M, Chakarov S, Moalli F, Bajenoff M, Guidotti LG, Ginhoux F, Iannacone M..
More rapid, robust and sustainable antibody responses to mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in convalescent COVID-19 individuals.
Racine-Brzostek SE, Yee JK, Sukhu A, Qiu Y, Rand S, Barone PD, Hao Y, Yang HS, Meng QH, Apple FS, Shi Y, Chadburn A, Golden E, Formenti SC, Cushing MM, Zhao Z.. Clinical Trial.
Pomegranate seed oil nanoemulsions for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases: the case of genetic CJD.
Mizrahi M, Friedman-Levi Y, Larush L, Frid K, Binyamin O, Dori D, Fainstein N, Ovadia H, Ben-Hur T, Magdassi S, Gabizon R.

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